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Individual gifts to support the Central Identity Project are being taken through Kickstarter.

Secure online credit card donations can be made here

Donations of cash or check can be given directly to AchieveMpls at 111 3rd Ave S, Ste 5, Minneapolis, MN 55401. Be sure to note “Central Identity Project” when donating. Gifts of stock are also accepted- call 612.455.1552 for details.

Why Does Some Paint on a Wall Cost So Much?

This is a mural that we want to LAST, so we are committed to doing it right. Our budget for this project is about $35,000- this includes 6 months of lead artist fees, high quality Nova Color paint, other materials for the fabrication of the parachute mural method, publicity of the paint workshops, stipends for the community organizations we will be working with, videographer and coordination fees. We have other large state and city grants in the works for the bulk of the project, but we need your help to get together the last funds that we need!

What Will My Dollars Fund?

  • Paint- gallons and gallons and gallons of high quality Nova paint
  • Brushes and rollers
  • Drop cloths
  • Scaffolding
  • Parachute cloth and installation materials
  • Table and chair rentals for the community workshops

What Will Any Additional Dollars Fund?

See that we already met our goal but still want to give? Please do! Any additional funds will be used to give youth stipends and make the 10 community art workshops and the final celebration even bigger and badder- how cool would it be to serve free food from local restaurants, hire local talent to entertain us, and give out free art supplies for neighborhood kids? Any extra money we get will go directly back to you at our community events!

Thank you for your donation- we hope to see you at our community paint workshops this summer!

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