Thursday, August 8, 2013

Workshop on 35th and Chicago- Sponsored by PPNA

The evening of July 25th found us on the corner of 35th street and Chicago in front of Pillsbury House. We were technically across the street from the Central Neighborhood in Powderhorn Neighborhood, and the event was sponsored by PPNA, the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association. Why do a workshop outside of the Central Neighborhood? Our neighbors are important to us, and while a line on a map is definite and clear, in reality, our lines are more blurred.

As 35th street and Chicago is a busy intersection, we had a great crowd! Many people walked by and decided to join in the fun, some as they were waiting for their bus. We had a lot of partners that evening- Jakeeno's Pizza and Pasta, located right down the block on 36th and Chicago, donated a bunch of pizzas. Turtle Bread Company provided us with bread and pastries to give away. North Country Food Alliance joined us to pass out free organic produce. The Carrot Initiative spoke to folks and entertained with a trivia game. Our friends Spencer and Aaron showed up to play music- it was a party!

Lead artist Greta McLain getting paint for the people

Penny Garcia Bennett from The Carrot Initiative spoke to people about a new grocery store in Central Neighborhood

Candida Gonzalez, Project Coordinator

Shug E. Mississipi from North Country Food Alliance

Project intern Porsha Allen entertains on the spot

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