Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Starting... already?!?

Wow- can you believe that our first community paint workshop is this Thursday? 

Youth Farm site on Chicago Avenue

This project was originally conceived of in November 2012, grew in size (in our imaginations), and turned into a reality as we were awarded grants from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council and The City of Minneapolis in May of 2013. Getting this program off the ground was hard work- meeting with administration of the school (Thanks to Catalina Salas for the original idea!), talking to students, staff, and neighborhood organizations. Searching for grants, endless meetings discussing our different drafts, late nights and weekends polishing the applications, mad rushes to drive the applications over before the deadlines (Thanks to Kate Kampa, Grants Manager for Minneapolis Community Education, for your endless work with us!). Countless hours spent connecting with neighborhood organizations and people to lock down the sites for the community paint days. Day after day spent promoting our Kickstarter (3 days left- donate!) all over town. Endless supply ordering. Oh, and who can forget our nerve racking meetings with Minneapolis Public Schools facilities and trade heads presenting the mural technique in order to gain approval to do it?

And now here we are- boxing up materials and getting them ready to bring over to the Youth Farm Bahai Site this Thursday. Tables have been secured and pickup arrangements made. Chairs are lined up for those who may need to sit down while painting (our elders, anyone with a disability who cannot stand for longer periods of time, shorter individuals and children). Paint is mixed and in containers, ready to go. Activities have been planned- look out for an opportunity to express your Central Identity. Art activities for smaller children are also in the works- bring your toddlers with you for their own paint fun!

CANDO, the Central Neighborhood Organization, will also be there with information about the Central Neighborhood. They will be happy to answer any questions that you might have on a variety of neighborhood issues!

Our mural youth and artists have been hard at work getting our first panels ready for Thursday. Yesterday saw youth in Room 411 at Green Central doing the underpainting on the poly tab. It's all lined up and ready to go!

So come on out! We'll see you this Thursday, July 11th, 2013 from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Youth Farm Bahai Site between 36th and 37th Street on Chicago Avenue. That's the Central Neighborhood, Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Make your mark!

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