Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CANDO- the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

One of our greatest supporters in this project has been CANDO- the Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization, who represent the residents, organizations and businesses of the Central Neighborhood.

A description of CANDO from their website:

CANDO began in 2006 with an all-volunteer staff to renew the mission of promoting neighborhood livability and stability, fostering economic development, and strenghthening communication through inclusive ad represntative community involvment. CANDO works with NRP, the new Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) department, the City of Minneapolis, other organizations, non-profits, government organizations and of course with residents and business ownersto develop a wie variety of plans and programs with an emphasis on housing.  In 2008 CANDO hired it's first paid staff member - a full time Community Organizer.  In 2011, the CANDO board voted to to instate it's first Executive Director position.  It continues to use interns on staff for community outreach.  CANDO staff works to connect residents to resources to imporve their lives and this very specail, historic and always diverse community.
Today CANDO is determined to repair last relationships with foudations and other non-profits, in order to leverage more funds and more programs for the community. 

CANDO has been supportive of the Central Identity Project from day one, writing us official letters of support for our grants from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council and the City of Minneapolis, meeting with us over a variety of issues, using their Facebook page to advertise our Kickstarter campaign, sending members to our Mural Board, and ultimately donating $1,000 dollars (!) in support of the project. We couldn't have asked for a better partner! CANDO will have representatives at many of the community paint workshops available to answer questions or talk about a variety of neighborhood issues and initiatives. 

We're also excited to have the videographers from the Live and Learn project at the Saturday, July 13th paint workshop in front of Central Park gym at 3416 4th Avenue South. For the Live and Learn project, the Central neighborhood is gathering stories from Central residents and wrapping them together into a movie of our shared Central experience. Come out and share your experience with the film makers- Make your story heard!

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