Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Central Symbols

What are the symbols around us that define our culture? Can you name them? How have some of these symbols evolved and shifted to reflect the transformations of our current culture? Our history? Our ancestors?

The Central Identity Mural Crew met last week with Tamales y Bicicletas Director José Luís Villaseñor  (http://tamalesybicicletas.weebly.com) to talk about symbols, starting with symbols that represent "center" and "central". We looked at indigenous symbols from Mexico, the idea of "Ollin" or the central power of movement/motion, the Mayan calendar and other symbols from Mexico that have been transformed over and over again/ una y otra vez through conquests, the passing of time, and migrations. Exploring our personal definition of Central Identity and that of Central Neighborhood the Mural Crew is looking at what visually will come to symbolize "Central" in our mural design!

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