Thursday, June 6, 2013

Central Identity Talking Circle!

Our First Central Identity Community Conversation took place today at Hosmer Library in Central Neighborhood. 
Thank you everyone who came out!
Neighborhood history, famous and influential Central historic figures, and an over-all look at our own central identities! We had a great turn out of people!  José Luís Villaseñor, director of Tamales y Bicicletas, facilitated our conversation based around four central questions:
1: How do you define home/what is home to you?
2: What are the gifts that your ancestors have given you?
3: What do you think of when you think of Central Neighborhood?
4: If you could give a gift (physical/quality/etc.) to Central Neighborhood what would it be?
Taking these questions as our conversation-base, we shared stories, dreams and hopes for the future of our neighborhood.

Here's a taste of our conversation:

-grew up in the library/safe spaces outside of your house
-tree with apples bringing the neighbors together

-corn/gift of food/agents of change to feed/change the world
-beauty and hard work

-school/Green Central
-grace - for ever person coming together and for our interactions as we share space and become community
-elephants - future to look forward to/strength/connecting with history/identity

-playgrounds/activities to connect people
-joy- happiness + safety
-people who help you
-we are one - my culture
-roots-acknowledge and accept past even as we forgive and release that part of history that doesn't help us move forward.

Some key words to evaluate today's session:
-infectious/knowledgeable/ collaborative image-making newness
-value! Overwhelming depth of individuals
-roots/central community/unified
-magic- similar symbols, different words and languages but ultimately the same
-gift- perfect group

Thank you, thank you! Look for our next community conversation! Coming soon!!!! 

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