Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creation, not destruction

"Young people who are involved in making something beautiful today are less likely to turn to acts of violence and destruction tomorrow. The arts- whether the be during or after school- provide opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something positive and creative with their talents and their time. We all need to support the arts. In doing so, we are telling America's youth that we believe in them and value what they can be."

Janet Reno
Former U.S. Attorney General

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Green Central Youth Mural LEADERS coming into focus!

A hugely important component of the Central Identity Project is the youth of Minneapolis Central Neighborhood as they step forward as facilitators of connection, conversation and community painting sessions for the Central Identity Mural! This winter, a crew of Green Central middle school students have been working on a 450 sq. ft. mural in their cafeteria with muralists Jeremiah Bey and me, Greta McLain . We are currently in full swing production mode after an indepth design process. This experience, and in a sense training, is preparing this core of youth artists for this summer's massive, neighborhood wide Central Identity Project. These Green Central youth are coming into focus as Youth Mural Leaders! Look for them this summer at different location around Central Neighborhood, helping facilitate mural workshops.